As a new mom you go through a lot…there’s forgetfulness (pregnancy brain is still happening y’all), you feel like a walking zombie on most days, you are on an emotional rollercoaster, your body just took a beating and you are patiently waiting for those pre-pregnancy jeans to fit again. These are just a few things on top of caring for new life…a human being that is all your responsibility. But did I mention it’s the best time of your life despite all of those things?! 🙂 Anyway, I thought I would share some items that have helped me during the first month of being a new mom. These are items that are non-baby related (except for the book because I really wanted to share it with you guys).  new-mom-essentials

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The Gift Log: people will send gifts throughout your pregnancy and after the baby is born. It’s nice to immediately jot down who sent the gift and what it was so you can toss the packaging and so you don’t forget!

– New nail polish: while your baby is napping, give yourself an at-home pedicure/spa night. Just do it.

– A good candle: okay, I have this fear that my house smells like “baby”. Not the good smell – like what she smells like (because I want to bottle that smell up and keep it forever). But there’s a specific smell I’ve associated with having kiddos in the house and it’s not a good one. So, right when I get up I light a candle because it also makes me feel good in addition to keeping the house smelling good.

– A thermal mug: because your coffee will not stay hot otherwise.

– At-home spa items: like I mentioned above, give yourself a spa night. Even if you just use something like this body scrub in the shower – do something to make yourself feel good!

– wine: you deserve it. my friend, Katie, introduced me to this one and it’s amazing!

– a cozy robe/slippers: there’s no reason not to be in full comfy-mode.

Thank you cards: because you will probably run out from the baby shower. 😉

– a good read: for those long feedings or nap times. loved this book!

Any additional items that helped you or a friend when they were a new mom? Leave them in the comments below!

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