dream-bathroom-via-oh-idesignblog5 ways to update your bathroom via oh, i design blog!I haven’t had a spacious, luxurious bathroom since growing up at home in Oklahoma. It seems we have only been able to score a one or two bedroom place with one tiny bathroom. Well, there was that one time we moved into a cute little rental home in San Diego that had a fairly nice bathroom but we were only there for 3 months since we found out we were moving to Boston (remember that?!). Ha!

There’s nothing quite like taking a bubble bath with lit candles, soft music and a glass of wine, the ultimate stress cure. I long for a gorgeous tub, white tiles, marble and elegant fixtures. But I will have to patiently wait till next year when we look to buy a place – for now, I will have to make the most of our tiny bathroom.

Anyway – I want to share some ways to update your bathroom for you homeowners + renters!


I have been a big fan of Decor Planet as of late. Since I was introduced to their site, I have found quite a few specs for my clients’ bathrooms and pieces I am adding to my personal wish list for later on. Their wide range of vanities, tubs, plumbing fixtures, accessories and lighting is AMAZING and I hope you will take a moment to check them out! Here are a few tips for all of you homeowners or renters with a flexible landlord:

One // Updating your lighting will immediately make you feel better about your space. It’s such an important room to have good light. I love this one.

Two // Um, who doesn’t want an electric towel warmer?! Especially one this beautiful

Three // Add shelving to display some of your beautifully-labeled products. You could even display your favorite quote in a frame and lean it against the wall! Two of these shelves would be perfect stacked above a towel bar!

Four // Use hooks instead of your towel bar for your everyday towels. Let’s be honest…unless you are super particular about how everything is placed in your home, you won’t fold your towel perfectly over the bar every single day. Add some hooks so you can just throw the towel on there and call it a day! Towels can be art too. 😉 I love these!

Five // Easiest of updates? Just switch out your trash can you refuse to throw out from college (oh, that’s not you….just me??) for a new one. If you don’t have space under your sink for your ugly trashcan…try adding an attractive one and see how happy it makes you the next time you throw away q-tips! I love the simplicity of this one.

Six // I love this one. Add a “shaving mirror” or as I like to call it, “look at my pores really close for fun, mirror”. This one is AMAZING.

update-your-bathroomAnd for all of you renters! Here are some quick tips to give your bathroom a spa-like, elegant feel without losing your deposit. Even though, I am sure if you added any of the above to your rental…the landlord wouldn’t hate it. Just sayin.

One // As a person that loves to take baths, it’s crazy to me that I don’t already have one of these! You could even display some plants on it! find it here.

Two // If you have counter space, adding apothecary jars with your favorite bath salts and then cotton balls or something similar is the perfect decor! find them here.

Three // Put your soap and toothbrushes in something pretty…Like these bamboo ones.

Four // New towels – who doesn’t love fresh new towels?! For a fun decor tip: add a stack of these either on a shelf or an added side table next to your bath. It will instantly feel like a spa. I like these.

Five // Cover the floor with a large bath mat (especially if you have ugly tiled floors). Shop this one.

Six // I talked about this before, but go ahead and add some eucalyptus to your shower. There’s nothing better! source.


What is your favorite thing about your bathroom now and what would you like to change? Any questions for me?? Feel free to reach out: hello@ohidesignstudio.com!


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