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Cody and I were attempting to sell our Coachella tickets because we weren’t sure where we would stay and if we would be too tired on Monday, etc. But then, no one took interest in our tickets and we found a place to stay. So we are going! We told each other we would go to Coachella when we moved to San Diego 2 years ago, both being music lovers…we are finally going to experience so many bands we have been waiting to see! Plus, I get to be in Palm Springs…my favorite city in California. Bring on the heat! Have you all been to Coachella?? If so, I would love to hear all of your tips to make it successful! *ie..wear lots of sunscreen.

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You guys will have lots of fun! The weather is supposed to be great this weekend! Take lots of pics!!

WATER!! Bring water, more than you think you’ll need! Have fun! I dream of going someday! 🙂

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