//This morning I woke up around 7:30am and took my dog (Bella) on a walk, fed Evie, showered + got ready for the day. What felt like was going to be a very productive day, quickly turned to my bed and netflix. I have no idea how this happened and I was having a hard time finding motivation. Do you ever have those days where your to-do list is so all over the place that you aren’t sure where to begin? I had design work but also needed to clean up my computer files + organize photos, send some thank-you notes, the list goes on. It was too much for one person to complete in a day, especially with a little one. So instead, I procrastinated. What procrastination looks like for me: watching netflix in bed, snuggling with Evie & Bella, refilling my coffee, looking at blogs, scrolling down pinterest…all while my emails just stared at me. Then an hour or so later…the guilt set in.

So here is a trick I tried to get motivated.

I can’t remember what book I recently read that taught me this trick…but hopefully I will figure it out so I can share it. Anyway, all you need is a task that you can complete in less than 5 minutes…for example: cleaning the toilet. Weird example, I know, but the book used this example and I believe it works. Go clean your toilet from top to bottom, I’m talking…every little inch of that thing better be sparkling clean. When you are done (only 3 minutes or so have gone by right?)…you will have a sense of completion. There’s something about completing a simple task from beginning to end that makes you want to move on to the next. That’s why they say to make your bed every morning.

Instead of cleaning the toilet (which actually needs to be done), I decided to go a little bigger… I decided to clear my closet of anything I am not wearing right now in my life. I had a keep pile, donation pile, storage pile and a mending/repair pile. All in all, it took me about an hour. But man, my closet and mind feel 100% clear. I can actually wear anything in my closet right now. Isn’t this called a wardrobe capsule or something? Haha. 😉 Anyway, what was remarkable about finishing this task is I was ready to kick some butt on my to-do list!

So here I am, at 5pm and have completed a few daunting items on my list and have coffee in hand for the next items. I feel Refreshed. Motivated. 

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Get out of my head! 😉

Are you having a similar day?!

a similar week. Highs and lows of productivity and procrastination. Although my procrastination comes more in the form of a trip to Homegoods (personal trips where I really need nothing). Too much to do that you end up trying to avoid doing anything at all

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