If you are like me, you probably have a handful of art prints/pictures stashed away that are waiting to be framed or that are in beat-up old frames needing to replaced. I also have slight commitment issues when it comes to wall art. I know, seems silly when I’m able to make those decisions for clients all day long. I guess it’s how that saying goes, “the cobbler’s children have no shoes”. 😉 So, with the help of my friends’ at Jameson & Thompson Framers, I was able to give new life to our treasured architectural prints. Jameson & Thompson opened their doors in 1985 in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston. Since then they have provided services like: art installation, custom framing, fine art services, and now art sales. Today with their help, I’m excited to walk you guys through the process of custom framing!

The photos below are what the framed prints looked like before (yikes).

“The main issue with the original framing was that the frame itself was too large and too dark – it closed in around the artwork, making it look claustrophobic. You saw the frame before you saw the artwork, which is never really ideal.When the art was removed from the frames, it instantly looked brighter and the nice clean lines of the architectural drawings were much more apparent.” – Stephanie of Jameson & Thompson Framers
Before selecting the frame, we began looking at mat options to get an idea of color direction. We wanted something that was neutral and light but would also contrast the art. One of my favorite things about visiting Jameson & Thompson Framers is they have a beautiful large studio in Jamaica Plain where you can try all different mats + frames while getting onsite professional framing advice. They also have a woodshop in the studio so all of the hardwood frames are being constructed on site and the pre-finished (fancy) frames – while delivered from their specialty suppliers – are assembled here too.
“At first, we looked at some gray/lavender-toned mats, which looked nice, but then we realized the darker mats were having the same claustrophobic effect of the original framing. We then looked at lighter mats in tones that matched the paper, which kept the artwork bright and help it “expand” within the mat. I liked the idea of having a small detail/touch of contrast, which was achieved with the dark inner mat; the line is subtle, but it breaks up the white just enough, while also complimenting the lines in the artwork itself.” – Stephanie of Jameson & Thompson Framers


I wanted to go with something completely different than the previous frame. It needed to be more modern and fit within our living room’s aesthetic.

“After Jessica showed me a photo of where they were going to hang, it was clear that a clean, simple, elegant frame would be best. We chose the cherry with a natural finish as it has a lovely warmth to it and the orange/peach color of the wood complements the grays & purples in the artwork. To me, it’s an interesting choice to use a frame that is technically different from than any color in the art, and in this case, it works beautifully; the drawings themselves are fairly monochromatic, so to introduce another complimentary shade worked really well. The natural cherry also worked beautifully with the colors that are already in the room; I think good framing (and good design!) shows off the art in the best way possible and also coordinates with other pieces surrounding it, even if it’s a subtle touch.” “In 2016, Jameson & Thompson began a partnership with Adjective Art & Framing to establish a small gallery in their Jamaica Plain, MA showroom. They display a selection of beautiful contemporary art assembled by Adjective.” TA DA! What a transformation, right? My favorite part is Stephanie’s idea of adding a double mat but only show a tiny bit of the dark mat to break up the white and add contrast. That tiny detail made all the difference! I can’t thank the entire Jameson & Thompson team enough for giving new life to our art prints!

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Ps. Jameson & Thompson is kindly extending a 10% discount to new framers when they mention Oh, I Design! Do yourself a favor and visit their studio, because it’s gorgeous!
photos by: Liz Corkery