Goodness, I cannot believe I’ve been a mama for only 2 and half months and at the same time it feels like it has flown by! It’s such an odd feeling trying to remember life without Evie…and it was only just over 2 months ago that she wasn’t physically in front of us. It’s incredible really. I wanted to share a few things about Evie so we will always remember them and a few items that are saving our lives for any of you moms out there that are interested.  evie-one-monthMonth 1 –

  • Evie loves being outside
  • She enjoys bath time and listening to running water (like when I put her next to my shower)
  • She sleeps in her bassinet next to our bed that sits on our bar cart (used to be bar bassinet holder..haha oh motherhood!)
  • She loves car rides
  • Sleeps + eats most of the day
  • She has a rather big head (like 90th percentile…thanks mom and dad)
  • I think her eyes are going to stay blue!
    evie-two-monthsMonth 2 –
  • Evie smiled for the first time on October 31st in Rite Aid…Cody & I started crying happy tears in Rite Aid as we were last minute buying candy for Halloween.
  • She now sucks her thumb/hands and loves the wubbanub pacifier
  • There’s a swing in our room that she absolutely loves taking naps in
  • She slept through the night once so far
  • She is on the verge of laughing..any day now
  • Still loves bath time and is less a fan of the car
  • She had her first subway ride
  • One of her favorite things is looking at her own reflection, it makes her smile so big.
  • She has started to keep her head up!

A few of our necessities during these months:

this diaper bag // our rockstar stroller  // cloth diapers as burp cloths // the honest company diapers + wipes bundle // pacifier // this swing // car seat in legend

We are getting ready to travel to Arkansas and then Oklahoma for the holidays and leave this Friday… I have been researching tips for bringing an infant on a plane but let me know if you have any additional tips! Wish us LUCK! 🙂


I still can’t get over how absolutely beautiful Evie is. I hope you had the most wonderful holiday trip, and happy new year to you and your family!


You are SO sweet! Thank you Gabriella 🙂 Happy New Year to you and yours! xo

That little dewdrop is just precious. It’s amazing how time flies so I just try to cherish the good moments and let the memories of sleepless nights and gassy days fade away into distant memory lol

I have been making a huge effort to not let those nights make me upset as I know I will miss those nights with her! 🙂 Thanks for the reminder! xoxo

Yes try to stretch her and feed her as soon as you push back. It helps her ears and hopefully she Dallas asleep and stays asleep. We flew Ausley the first time at 2 1/2 months too. You will do great.

She did so well! We fed her when we took off and descended and that was really helpful! She didn’t make a peep 🙂

My 3 month old loves to smile at herself in the mirror, too! So cute and totally saves the day when she’s mid-meltdown 😉 Good luck with your travels! We haven’t ventured down that road yet, but I know you’ll be fine!

Thank you Stacy! I always wonder what they think when they see themselves in the mirror! 🙂 So cute! Hope you have a happy new year!

We just flew with our 2 month old last week. My suggestion that worked for her and my older daughter is feed them during take off. This will help with the pressure and keep them asleep for the flight. This will help with landing too! Good luck!

Thank you, Lauren!! I’ve read this a few times – sounds like it’s a MUST! 🙂

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