With the new addition to the Klein fam a short two weeks away (or sooner/later), I am so excited to share the nursery with you guys! I recently posted the design plans for the nursery here if you need to be caught up. Here are a couple of BEFORE photos from when the previous owner lived here:Nursery 3 - before beforeSo the space is fairly small, but that blue/teal or whatever color is on the walls made the room feel much smaller than it is. Now that’s not to say that I don’t believe there are small rooms that look great in a darker color, but this space just isn’t one of them. Plus, I wanted the nursery to feel calm and serene…which is like the opposite of how I felt walking into this room. The layout is also a bit tricky as it’s pretty long and narrow – but luckily it works perfectly for little furniture. So…. let’s get to the AFTER photos!
IMG_4328_1We first began by painting the room a nice grey/beige – one of my favorites is Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray and after sampling a few this one looked best…per usual! Now I have to share a little secret with all of you that live near and outside of Boston…if you are looking for a painter, Kieran of Ridge Painting is THE BEST. He is extremely efficient, reasonably priced, professional and does fantastic work! I am almost afraid to share him on here as I don’t want him to become too busy to where I can’t book him for my clients 😉 *Also, thank you Kathryn for the cute Baby Klein sign – how cute is it on her door?!

Oh, I Design Nursery TourIMG_4342_1IMG_4343_1This photo kind of makes me laugh, because when I found this ladder online (from Urban Outfitters but is no longer available), it looked much larger in the photos and I didn’t even bother looking at the measurements before ordering (tsk tsk… a designer should know better!). Then when we received it…I pulled it out of the box with excitement and Cody and I looked at each other & said…that’s it?! Haha! Luckily it still works in this corner so we kept it. Lesson: always check the measurements!! Oh, I Design Nursery TourOh, I Design Nursery TourIMG_4341_1IMG_4336_1 Oh, I Design Nursery Tour Oh, I Design Nursery Tour IMG_4335_1Oh, I Design Nursery Tour
After gathering inspiration, ideas and creating a mood board, we were ready to furnish the space!

  1. Crib – I love how this one is simple in it’s with walnut legs for a touch of mid-century.
  2. 3-drawer dresser / changing table – I love using this dresser for a changing table because the height is perfect and it’s simple. I still need to find a couple changing pad covers *working on it!
  3. Graham Glider in Ash Grey (microfiber) – we didn’t end up getting the ottoman that goes with it because it really would’ve cramped the room. We are going to wait to come across a smaller pouf instead. Perhaps this one?
  4. Plum & Bow Kilim Rug – this was really the inspiration for the room once I came across it. Thanks to my dear friends, Anna & Tori, who got it for me for our baby shower!
  5.  Curtains – now this is another secret. Ikea has great curtains and here’s the proof! I wanted something off the shelf for budget purposes and they needed to be just a bit higher than 96″ which is normally what you find at Pottery Barn, West Elm, etc. So I did a little research and found these curtains that were 98″ and such a steal! Plus they look really nice!
  6. The awesome hexagon wall art, you ask?! Well, I was lucky enough to win a set of these from Makgoods (thanks to Kirsten of Simply Grove) and thought they would be perfect for the nursery! We had so much fun planning how we were going to place them on the wall and it really only took us about an hour all in all. They were so easy to hang! We do have plans to paint the inside of them white on one side so it gives them a really cool effect when you walk into the room, but for now I think they look great as is.
  7. Two-toned baskets – these are going to be great for toys and blankets! I am also thinking of using one for dirty onesies?
  8. hanging planter 1 // hanging planter 2
  9. Orbit Pendant Light Fixture – I ended up pulling the trigger on this one as I saw there was only one left on the site and I panicked and ordered it! So glad I did, because it’s the perfect scale and at night it leaves a really cool pattern on the wall. We may have a few late night parties in here…from what I hear. 😉
  10. Southeast Asia map – this was gifted to us for our wedding and we recently got it framed in Beacon Hill.

Now all we need is the last ingredient – a baby! What do you guys think!?


Hi there, Can you please share where your while shelves are from? Thank you!

Sure, they are from Ikea!

Hi, I love your nursery! I am thinking of getting that same glider. Do you like it? How is the fabric working out for you? We have a similar color scheme in my daughter’s room. 🙂 I am having a hard time deciding between the dove gray velvet and the ash gray microfiber.

Hi Becca –

I LOVE our Graham Glider and the Ash Gray Microfiber is perfect! I like the dove gray too but the ash gray was more our style.

Beautiful nursery design! May I ask which white you went with for your Ikea dresser (i.e. white or white stain)? Thank you in advance 🙂

Thank you, Jen!! We got the white stain!

The nursery came out perfectly! Love everything about it!! What types of plants did you put in the planters?

Thank you so much, Andrea! They are air plants 🙂

Gorgeous. Everything is so perfect! Can’t wait for the last addition to arrive!!!!

JESS. Its so beautiful!! I love every detail. Evie is one lucky little girl (and miss Bells is in for a rude awakening when she realizes this room isn’t just for her haha) 🙂 xoxoxo

My husband and I are redecorating our bedroom to be a bedroom/nursery, and I LOVE everything about your nursery! I need to pin every photo 🙂 The gray wall color is lovely.

Thank you so much, Carisa! So glad you came across it and good luck with redecorating! 🙂

Absolutely lovely!! I know you guys will enjoy spending time with your new little girl.

Thank you Jackie! 🙂 We can’t wait!!

Hmmm… Don’t know why it left my name as Jack instead of Jackie…

Looks great! Just make sure Evie has a place on the wall to draw with your lipstick…uh, you may want to ask Gma about that one….Dad was doing his own ‘decorating’ from his crib. BTW, lipstick makes a great marker. Can’t wait for Lil Evie! Love, Dad

Hahaha! I will definitely ask Grandma about that story, dad. Love you!

It’s so awesome, Jessica, love it. What do you guys still have on your ‘heart’s desire’ list that Aunt Beverly and Uncle Michael can give you?

Aw, thank you Aunt Bev! You are so sweet. Hope to see you guys soon! 🙂

I have been awaiting the nursery reveal and it’s delightful! A lovely space to enjoy with your baby.

Thank you, Tara!! 🙂

It’s really beautiful Jessica. Evie is going to love it.

Thank you, Tona!! 🙂 Can’t wait for you to be here!

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