I am going to fill you guys in on the two best things that have entered my life as of late. One of them being these sheets from Garnet Hill. These are the best sheets I’ve ever had (no I’m not being paid to say that) and trust me, I’ve tried a lot of sheets out. Some weren’t comfortable, some would wrinkle too easily and not like a nice linen wrinkle, some wouldn’t fit around my mattress (cough, target,) etc. So there are two big reasons I love these sheets. 1. they literally do not wrinkle…you have no idea how much joy that alone brings me. 2. They are SO SOFT. Sateen sheets and I just get each other. It’s like a little retreat every time I get into bed and even my husband said we need to buy like 5 more sets. I’m telling you guys, we may never buy different sheets. garnethillsheets1

Onto the other item that has entered my life that has made a big impact…enter this natural stain remover. Maybe as you were reading the above and were thinking to yourself how does she get away with white sheets and an infant? Well my friends…this stain remover is no joke. Just this week Evie has thrown up, some chocolate got on our sheets (yes, I eat chocolate in bed) and a thai food stain (because cody likes to eat dinner in bed sometimes….). So I spray this on the stain and let it stand for an hour or so then throw it in the laundry and every single thing has come out so far. It’s magic.

I apologize if I sound like the biggest sales woman today but I honestly just wanted to fill you guys in! You’re welcome 😉


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