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Furniture Piece: Bertoia Diamond Chair

Designer: Harry Bertoia

Date: 1952

Manufacturer: Knoll

Materials: Steel rods (welded) and options of cushions

Notes: Harry Bertoia was an italian-born artist/sculptor. His art-related endeavors, including jewelry making, lead him to work with Ray and Charles Eames in Irvine, California at Evans Product Company. He then went on to establish his own studio in Pennsylvania and developed work with Florence and Hans Knoll to design the Bertoia collection.

Fun Fact: Harry Bertoia made Ray and Charles Eames’ wedding rings.

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One of the first design items that made an impression on me in childhood was this chair. They had them (probably knock-offs, in reality) covered in purple vinyl in the childrens section of the library in my home town. Since my mom was one of the librarians, I have very fond memories of that space and those chairs.

I love that this chair was one of the first furniture pieces that made an impression on you…and at such a young age!

I have always loved these chairs & was so excited to find some for an affordable price awhile back — only to find out that my husband hates them so I had to pass them up.

Haha too funny!!

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