So…Cody (the boyfriend) & I are all moved in, about 90 percent of the moving boxes are done but we still have that awkward 10 percent that probably will not be touched for months.  I have been at home working on little projects, finding my way around our new home (San Diego) and more importantly, finding my first big girl job.  I have lived in Oklahoma my entire life so the transition of living in a new state has just been one big adventure for me.  Which is fine because unlike a majority of people, I enjoy change every once in a while.  Good change that is.  I am with the person I love; in a place I love; doing what I love.  That is a lot of love.  I honestly do not have one bad thing to say about my life right now; I just feel so incredibly blessed.

Anyway, enough about my life right now.  I am still trying to figure out the blog – please bear with me.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.  I will be cooking, going to the beach and visiting my beautiful & talented friend Raina in LA.

Until next time friends, take care!
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