Young girls should never have to go through losing their mom (or any close relative for that matter). 

 Hands down the most difficult obstacle I have had to overcome in my life is losing my mother to 

breast cancer. She passed away a few months before I turned 16 (Nov. 4, 2004).  I have had to

 learn how to manage each day of my life without a mom.  Believe me, it is not easy. Although,

 it makes me proud to know I am able to confidently say my biggest asset is my strength. I mean

 there are days when I honestly sit and wonder … how did I do it? How did I go through the rest of

 high school and four years of college without my mom? Inner strength, I suppose, is more 

powerful than I thought.

side note: do not forget to tell your friends/family… you love them.

it’s truly important.




Such a beautiful post, Jessica. Having just lost my Dad this past September, I can’t imagine what it would have been like to lose a parent at 16. You never know how strong you are until you go through something like that. Thanks for sharing this quote. It’s a good remember that the toughest moments make us stronger. 🙂 Sending hugs!

Andrea, I appreciate your sweet comment. I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. It definitely is good to remember the hardest things indeed to make us stronger. Sending you many hugs as well and thank you again for your comment. xo

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