#morningslikethese via oh, i designGoodMorningWayfair4If you know me personally or if you follow me enough on here, you know mornings are my favorite time of day. They are my golden hours (time of day when I get the most done) and I always enjoy learning how other’s begin their days. I wrote this post about my routine after getting settled in Boston and here we are now 2 years in and our mornings are looking a bit different. We’ve added a baby to the mix!

To be honest, mornings are the one part of the day that actually haven’t changed too much…other than waking up a bit earlier. We are lucky that Evie normally sleeps through the night and morning is when she is the most happy. Not everyday of course, but most days. It’s the rest of the day that differs each day. One day could be a presentation or meeting with a client and another could be just a full day of responding to emails and creating proposals/billing/admin. But as of late, all of that has been extremely hard to tackle with a teething, cranky 6-month-old. Working from home and caring for a baby is not for the weak and my patience has been tested a few times the past couple of weeks. At least she’s cute! 😉

Without further ado, here is a glimpse into how we begin our days:

5:30 am: Evie is ready to rise & shine whether we like it or not. Since Cody (my husband) works a lot, he loves this time to cuddle and play with Evie until he has to leave for work. We will go get her from her crib and bring her into bed with us and then Cody typically changes and feeds her.


#morningslikethese via oh, i design

6:30 am: I get up, make my side of the bed (Cody really enjoys when I make the bed around him). 😉 Then I either shower first or make coffee and answer emails depending on what’s on the agenda for the day.

8:00 am: I am usually hungry around this time and lately since my friend Jenny is staying with us for a bit, I have upped my breakfast game. We typically make egg white scrambles, steel cut oats, or avocado toast. All of these are quick and easy which is the name of the game with a little one. This is also around the time I take Bella outside for a little walk. If I am by myself at home, I will take Evie with me and sometimes that puts her to sleep.

9:30 am: This is about the time I feed Evie some apples or pears. This is a new addition to our morning routine as she is now 6-months-old! We have been introducing solids on and off for the past month and I think she has got it down now. Depending on how the rest of the morning has gone, Evie has another bottle and is typically cranky at this point for a little nap so I put her in her swing.

IMG_8899_110:30am: Right when Evie is down for a nap, I try to tackle a lot work… it’s like my personal challenge to see how much I can get done while she’s sleeping, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. So on a good day, she will sleep for 2-3 hours and I will get quite a bit done in that time knowing that she could wake up any second.

12:30pm: Lunch and emails! Evie and I will break at some point for a little play time whether it’s on her play mat or just a rattle, she is very curious right now at what everything is and it’s fun to see her be more interactive.#morningslikethese via oh, i designSo that’s what our morning looks like these days and here are some products I use each morning as well:morning-necessitiesone // the stokke baby high chair set – I love this! We put her in this while we eat breakfast and then we take the bouncer off the high chair part and put it on the ground so she can play.

two // my nespresso machine – this is a new part of my daily routine. I love that I can wake up and make a latte or espresso…or just coffee. It’s a little luxury of my day.

three // french press – I don’t have this one but I really want it. But typically if I want to try a different coffee other than my nespresso pods, I will use a french press.

four // my skincare morning routine – farmaesthetics herbal cleanser + one love organics eye balm + fresh moisturizer

photos by: jenny boyce


Fun post! I absolutely love the San Diego print above your table 🙂 And I hear you about the Nespresso. It is an absolutely vital part of my morning routine as well!

Thank you, Elena! 🙂 The nespresso machine was a Christmas gift last year and it’s been such a treat every morning!

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