February 14, 2020

Here’s the thing: I totally enjoy celebrating love and we obviously should take time to celebrate it more than just on Valentine’s Day. But I don’t love how the holiday makes my friends/others feel who are single, recently heartbroken, etc. I appreciate the occasion as a time to give extra bits of affection to those around me (aka Cody and my kiddos – love you guys a bunch!!) and we’ll definitely enjoy some chocolates and hearts, no doubt about it. 

But what I want to challenge everyone that reads this is to take this year, spin it around a bit, and focus on YOU. You are the most important person in your life and THAT should be celebrated! Of course, show love to your nearest and dearest, but don’t forget to love yourself first and foremost. 

From running businesses to taking care of little ones, our days are jam-packed and if we’re being honest, there’s not that much time for some self-care. So this February 14th, I’m encouraging all my friends to do something nice for themselves. That could mean scheduling a massage, going to the expensive spin class, stopping by a local coffee shop and treating yourself to your favorite drink, whatever it may be. Do it and do not feel bad about it.

It doesn’t need to be extra elaborate or fancy; sometimes it’s the littlest of things that make the biggest difference!

Here are my favorite ways to treat myself:

  • Going to the spa (there’s nothing more calming than those moments before and after a massage or facial, when I’m totally zen with a cup of hot tea in hand, usually at my favorite spot, Exhale Spa)
  • A face mask at night with a glass of wine and a good book
  • Purchasing something I’ve been longing for off my wishlist
  • Yoga (I’m eager to get back into this – it’s such a treat to me physically and mentally!)
  • Getting a mani/pedi

What are your favorite ways to treat yourself? Please share! And please do one of them for yourself today!

Happy Valentine’s Day friends! Sending love and hugs to you all!

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