artifact uprising x oh, i design blogI have been attempting to organize my digital photos in my spare time (spare time, what’s that?) and it’s become quite the daunting task. There are photos on my computer in iphoto, the cloud, my phone and an external hard drive. It makes me a little crazy to think about how all over the place they are.

Do you ever stop and think about how often we used to get photos printed? I remember running to Walgreens the second I filled up a disposable camera to get all the photos printed. Ha – those were the days. Now they just sit on all of my devices.

I recently ordered some of my favorite latest instagrams through Artifact Uprising, an app + website where you can easily create custom books, prints, cards + photo albums. After scattering them around our home, I have come to realize how happy they make me and that I need to do it more often! They are also perfect to put in Evie’s baby book and I love to write on the back of them and then mail them to friends.
artifact uprising x oh, i design blog artifact uprising x oh, i design blogartifact uprising x oh, i design blogI am definitely going to keep ordering prints every 3 months or so that way we can be up to date and Evie will be able to go through them when she gets older. Not to mention, this might be a great way to keep me on track with organizing our photos as we go vs. trying to do it after 5-10 years. 🙂 Please tell me I’m not the only one. artifact uprising x oh, i design blogSo I had this idea to display some of my favorite prints above my desk in our room. I think eventually I am going to hang floating shelves there, but for now this was a nice way to add some life to this little corner. If you are wondering how the twine is hanging, I just put some washi tape on it and then hid the washi tape with the top prints. (side note: I would hang a nail and tie the twine around the nail if you do more than 4 prints as it gets a bit heavy)artifact uprising x oh, i design blog artifact uprising x oh, i design blog artifact uprising x oh, i design blog artifact uprising x oh, i design blogNow for the best part! Artifact Uprising would like to offer you a FREE set of 25 square prints!

+ code: OHIDESIGN25
+ valid for: 1 set of 25 Square Prints (you can order at or the iPhone app)
+ shipping not included
+ code expires April 13, 2016
Artifact Uprising provided these prints in collaboration for this post. All of my opinions are as always, my own! 🙂 Thank you for supporting brands I  genuinely love.