I’ve got jungle fever. But we’re not talking about my love life, here.
I like to think that bringing a little wild side to my space or my person makes me feel a little less stiff, and that the walls separating my living space, my desk, or my wardrobe from the outdoors become more fluid, allowing a little bit of the outside in. Now when I say “wild” side, I don’t mean black-glitter lipstick or dancing on bars. We’ll save that for Ke$ha, and college girls. I am referring to wildlife. Animals. Plants. Pretty, living things.
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For a more bold outfit statement, I sometimes go for a bright, floral patterned, flowy trouser or even a trouser & top set, if I’m feeling a bit cheeky. But one doesn’t always have to assert one’s inner Nature-Goddess so loudly. For an everyday look that makes a subdued statement, it’s easy to start by mixing materials. A cropped cashmere sweater casually front-tucked into some leather shorts (or these phenomenally convincing faux-leather track shorts from Zara) is almost like mixing patterns; the pieces stand out more on their own when juxtaposed with such a varying counterpart. The tiger on this cropped sweater from designer Autumn Cashmere found at Pink Lagoon in La Jolla throws that jungle aspect into an otherwise very minimalistic outfit. My lovely photographer Jasmine was either being hilarious, or my inner tiger is just roaring.
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Simplicity is the word with your living or working space as well. Adding an indoor plant or two to your interior can soften up a stark space, brighten up a dark space, or simply just add the organic element that I seem to love so much because I keep repeating it in these posts. I really do love it. I’ll say it again. Organic element. Chills.
I may have taken my own advice a little too far, as I have about 15 indoor plants, just in my bedroom alone. I have some green leafy friends in my bathroom, and on my desk at the office, too. But hey, don’t blame me, blame science. House plants make people feel calmer and more optimistic, says Bruno Cortis, M.D., a Chicago cardiologist. Interestingly, he says that studies have shown that hospital patients who face a window with a garden view recovered more quickly than those who had to look at a wall. I like to believe that’s why I am hardly ever sick! (*knocks on wood, er, nearby succulent on my nightstand).
I love how these simple rooms have subtle color palettes of just white, black, and warm wood tones, but the indoor plants are what make the statement. The room with the green sofa next to his living neighbor tucked in the corner makes the whole side of that room look alive. And that zebra rug? Talk about a touch of jungle!
You can start with something as easy as an air plant if you’re a little on the forgetful side and are afraid to get an indoor plant because you don’t want it’s death on your conscience. But taking a trip down to your local nursery and picking an employee’s brains about indoor plants might be a fun saturday activity. Ok, Lazy. You can check online, too.
From minimalistic to animalistic, let the outside in!
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wear this || live there via ohidesignblog wear this || live there via ohidesignblog
wear this || live there via ohidesignblog wear this || live there via ohidesignblog
wear this || live there via ohidesignblog
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