wear this || live there via oh i design blog

wear this || live there via oh i design blog

I am so excited to introduce you all to the new and improved Wear This + Live There Series on the blog! I have teamed up with the talented Niki Lesmeister (the one photographed above) and photographer, Jasmine Fitzwilliam of Let’s Frolic Together to bring you our new bi-weekly series. All of the interior shots will be sourced and we will be pairing them with an outfit curated by Niki and captured by Jasmine. These two are a dream team!


Hi there! I’m Niki, interior design assistant at Design Line Interiors, personal stylist, and freelance writer. As most of my personal styling work has been in the California Bay Area, and since then I have relocated to San Diego, I am so excited to be getting back into it for the lovely Jessica and the Oh I Design Blog!

Wear This + Live There is undergoing a makeover, closing the gap between fantasy outfitting and achievable, personal style via someone you can get to know right here on the blog, me! Wear + This Live There marries personal styling and life-styling, truly reflecting one’s style in every aspect, making life more beautiful.  

I have woken up many a morning feeling as though I’ve not a thing to wear, trying on a million outfits to no avail; over accessorizing or reapplying lipsticks to compensate for my lack of, er… whatever it is. But sometimes, less really is more, and I find my answer in the simplest white tee or shift dress. Throw your hair in a loose topknot that takes under 5 minutes to complete and voila, you have mastered effortless chic. And not the kind of “effortless” chic that takes hours and a team to achieve, but of the genuine, less-effort variety. You could almost say, “I woke up like this.” Almost.

(Ok, who am I kidding? But if you do wake up like this, a fiery pit of envy burns inside me.)

Sometimes I feel that way about my work and/or living space. Organized chaos was what I lived in and “there is a method to my madness” was my mantra. But, sometimes mayhem doesn’t always harbor a space for clear, creative thinking, which is why I love the tastefully minimal style in this edition of Live Here.
This room is a blank canvas. The all white everything is such a fresh base that even the lightest touch of color marks a memorable detail. The simple pendant light is elegant as opposed to stark, paired with the soft woods in these mid-century chairs. I always find myself attracted to light, airy, simple rooms with medium-wood accents because it creates a cozy innocence: it is warm without appearing unalloyed, and clean without appearing unmitigated.
Like a fresh white tee and a loose topknot. Maybe some red lipstick 😉
PHOTOGRAPHY OF ‘WEAR THIS’: Let’s Frolic Together
INTERIOR PHOTO: sourced here
COPY + STYLING: Niki Lesmeister
OUTFIT: The crisp and airy linen Shirt dress worn above is from Pink Lagoon Boutique, with locations in Solana Beach and La Jolla. The designer is Brochu Walker, a Los Angeles clothing company that unites simplicity and elegance in feminine, natural materials. The result is a minimalist, bohemian California Chic.
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Squeal! So psyched to see this go live, and can’t wait to see the future WT/LT combos go up! Thanks for being so fun to work with, girls!

It’s been a dream working with you thus far (and from afar!) 😉 you are an incredible talent!!

Absolutely love this you guys // Beauty. All. Around. 🙂

Thank you so much!!

Beautiful! Nice work, you talented (and very pretty!) girls! Excited to see them all!! xo.

Aww thanks Beck!! 🙂