You know what’s great about having a space on the internet that’s all yours? You can do crazy things like introduce a new series/topic on the spur of the moment…all inspired by a conference. Based on how much I’ve been raving about it, you probably guessed what conference I am referring to…The W.E.L.L. Summit! I initially planned on writing a long post breaking down what I learned in each session, but since I could go on and on, it would be the longest post of all time. So I’ve decided to keep the conversation going and connect with you, my lovely readers, on a topic that has grown even more important to me since bringing new life into the world.

noun: wellness
  1. the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health.

There are so many products that we bring into our homes, put on our skin, and put in and on our bodies that are filled with toxins and chemicals. I was in the grocery store the other day and found myself overwhelmed on the cleaning aisle…I don’t think I’ve ever stopped to just stare at the endless options there are for every kind of product. So here’s what goes on in my mind…”this one has a cute label, oh but it’s $15 and this one is a better spray bottle, oh but this one is like $9 and it says it’s green, but it says it’s only 85% organic, I’m confused?”. Marketing is a funny thing – tricking us consumers into believing a small green leaf or tree on a product automatically means the product is organic. It’s mind-blowing really. Going forward, I am going to make a conscious effort to look at the ingredients and do a little more research on the product before buying it. Ultimately, I think this will help me purchase less and buy better quality items. *oh, and I will have a post all about natural cleaning products soon.


I will post about one of the sessions I attended at The WELL Summit and what I learned over the next few months. I am excited to kick off this little series with one of my favorite topics: interiors.

Okay, so when you think about buying a piece furniture or decor for your home, what do you look at when making a decision? For me, it’s typically… 1. aesthetic 2. price 3. durability and then read some reviews. The main reason I am looking at price and aesthetic is because I am normally working with my client’s money and my goal is to make their $$ go far. It’s not often that I think about the conditions of the factory where the product was made, whether or not the person(s) making this product were paid and treated fairly, the carbon footprint, and if the piece is made with natural materials + textiles.

When I arrived at The Well Summit, my first session was called,  “How to Create a Healthy Home when purchasing Home Textiles: sheets, towels, blankets + pillows” taught by Eileen Mockus, CEO of Coyuchi, an organic home textile company. Because I am such a fan of Coyuchi, I was very excited to begin the conference with this one! Obviously it doesn’t make sense to completely redecorate our homes with sustainable furniture/decor because that wouldn’t be very sustainable now would it? 🙂 But I think going forward it’s something to consider as items need replacing, especially your linens.coyuchi coyuchi

A few things I learned:

  • 25% of the entire world’s pesticide use is on cotton
  • the dryer lint screen is filled with toxins and chemicals that come off of fabrics – you should always wash your hands after removing the lint
  • you should avoid fabric softeners and dryer sheets, especially when laundering towels because it impedes the absorbency
  • chlorine bleach weakens the fabric (throw it out!)
  • more than likely if your textile says it’s wrinkle-free and easy care contain formaldehyde-based finishes

Below I put together a round-up of sustainable/eco-friendly home items:


I really enjoyed this post! Wellness and design is something I’m very passionate about <3 I look forward to reading more about what you learned at the summit!

Thank you, Anna! Looking forward to posting more on the subject 🙂 xx